Basic technologies

HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript

User interfaces developed with RapidClipse are based on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and run in the client’s web browser without an additional plugin.


With RapidClipse you develop your applications completely in Java. The HTML5 user interface is generated dynamically at runtime. You do not come into contact with HTML5 and JavaScript at any time.


The Java UI code generated by RapidClipse is based on the Vaadin framework. Vaadin consists of a client and a server part.

Server part

The server-side part of Vaadin allows the development of the entire interface in Java. In this respect, Vaadin is very similar to Java Swing. The UI code is automatically generated by the RapidClipse GUI builder, so you do not have to write it by hand. At runtime, the server-side Vaadin application runs in a servlet container on the server, delivers the UI to the client, takes care of user session management, requests from individual clients, and updates the UI automatically when changes are made, so the developer does not have to worry about any of this.

Client part

On the client side, Vaadin provides an AJAX-based JavaScript engine that renders the user interface in the browser. The UI widgets used for this are based on WebCoponents. The Vaadin client-side engine sends every user interaction to the server part, updates the user interface and thus keeps both sides in sync. Communication is asynchronous via HTTP or HTTPS requests.


The appearance of the interface can be defined using CSS. Vaadin provides several high-quality themes by default.