Patchnotes version 12.0.0

RapidClipse 12 includes a major upgrade to Vaadin 23 and the latest Eclipse version. Vaadin 23 is the last version to run with a Java runtime lower than JDK 17. This is the main reason for this release. To give you the latest modern frameworks and stay below Java 17 at the same time. On the other hand, we have updated to the latest Eclipse version. Of course we have also fixed many bugs and issues from previous versions of RapidClipse.


  1. Upgrade the IDE to support Vaadin 23 framework projects. Vaadin 23 comes with a lot of improvements and hotfixes. Most of them are on the framework side, but there are also new UI components like the DateTimeChooser. Unfortunately we are not able to provide this component within our UI builder due to technical limitations. But you can always use it on the code side. Please refer to the Vaadin documentation for more details:

  2. Added ability to build project in production mode within the Quick Launch view of RapidClipse.

  3. Project templates are updated to the latest version. Due to the fact that the project structure has changed slightly, the templates need to be updated.

  4. We have improved the use of newer Vaadin 23 components in our FormWizard. New components like IntegerField, NumberField or BigDecimalField are now available. The same applies to the list fields MultiSelectList and ComboBox. Especially with these list components it depends a lot on your object model if they work properly or not.

  5. We have implemented another automated migration from RC 11 to RC 12.

    1. We mainly take care of project structure, framework versions, necessary pom.xml changes and many other internal changes.

    2. We are not changing any of your own application code. This means that you may get compiler errors if there was outdated Vaadin framework code in 11 and this is removed in RC 12 / Vaadin 23. In this case please refer to the migration guide. Migration V11 → V12


  1. Usage of custom components.

    1. Many people report issues of not working third party components within our UI Builder. The reason for these issues are mostly the architecture of these components. For example the initial constructor of the component contains parameters that cannot be filled within the UI Builder. In most cases we recommend to add a placeholder component like a Div and add the component via code directly to that div.

  2. We fixed an issue where borders and helper lines were not visible on Linux

  3. We fixed some Linux issues where components were not visible within the “Palette”.

  4. We fixed an issue where Drag&Drop was not working as expected in the “Palette” on MAC OS

  5. Sometimes it was not possible to create further responsive steps within the FormLayout, this has been fixed.

  6. Sometimes the IDE freezes on closing UI Desinger Tabs we improved that a lot and should not be the case anymore.

IDE Plugin upgrades:

  1. Upgrade Hibernate Tools (JBoss Eclipse Plugin) to Version 5.4.21

  2. Upgrade of JXBrowser to latest Version (Embedded browser for UI Designer)

  3. Further upgrades of IDE Tools

  4. We removed firebird integration in RapidClipse.