Dialogs are small pop-ups that can be called, for example, by clicking a button. They can contain all kinds of UI components and can disappear again by clicking outside.

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Create a simple dialog

A simple dialog can be quickly created simply by code.

final VerticalLayout layout = new VerticalLayout();
final Dialog         dialog = new Dialog(layout);
final Label          label  = new Label("Message sent");
final Button         ok     = new Button("OK", e -> dialog.close());

layout.add(label, ok);

Create a complex dialog

For a more complex dialog we will create an extra view, which will make it easier for us to design the dialog.

  1. First you need to create a new GUI element

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  2. This view can then be designed as desired

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  3. Then simply pass it to the dialog. To keep the OK-Close functionality from the first example, the Close method is passed as a runnable.

    final Dialog dialog = new Dialog();
    dialog.add(new MyDialogView(dialog::close));
The size of a dialog can be set directly with Dialog.setWidth() & Dialog.setHeight(). But you also have to pay attention to what the layout has set in it.