Patchnotes version 13.0.0

RapidClipse 13 includes a major upgrade to Vaadin 24 and the latest version of Eclipse. Further we moved several components of the Framework to jakarta API. Projects created or migrated to RC 13 now require Java 17 as the underlying JDK/JRE in the future. We have added the RangeInput component and some other new components will follow shortly in the next releases. Of course, we have also fixed many bugs and issues from previous versions of RapidClipse.


  1. We have upgraded the IDE to support Vaadin 24 framework projects. Vaadin 24 comes with a lot of improvements and hotfixes. Most of them are on the framework side, but there are also new UI components like the RangeInput which is new available within the palette. Please refer to the Vaadin documentation for more details:

  2. We updated the Rapid Application Framework to work with all the new features und fixes of Vaadin 24. This includes improvement of the databinding etc.

  3. Due to the fact that Vaadin 24 no longer supports Iron-Icons we had to remove Iron-Icon also from the IDE. This may cause some compiler errors after migration. You have switch from Iron-Icons to Fontawesome-Icons. Same at the "Icons" view within RC there are no Iron-Icon available anymore.

  4. RapidClipse 13 projects are now ready to run with Tomcat 10.1

  5. Some of the data binding methods of the Vaadin framework e.g. ComboBoxes were deprecated. We have changed the code which is generated from RapidClipse. In some rare cases you might get compiler errors during the migration from 12 to 13 because of the missing methods. Just open the window with the UI Builder and store it again the code will be generated properly again.

  6. Vaadin changed the Label component to NativLabel. We also remove the Label component and added the NativLabel to Palette. Any existing labels in your code will remain until Vaadin removes the label from their API.

  7. We started to add some new components provided by Vaadin. First new component is the "RangeInput". Some others will follow within the next releases. However, all these new components can be used by code. We recommend adding a Div as placeholder and add the new components by code to this placeholder.

  8. We have added the ToolTip property within the Properties view. From now on you will be able to set the Tooltip of a component within the UI Builder.

  9. We updated to JXBrowser version within the UI Builder to 7.37.1


  1. We improved the code that is generated after dragging an entity on the UI to create a Form or Binder. There were problems especially with "java.util.Date" and the NullRepresentation.

  2. We improved the Drag&Drop behavior of the Tabs and Tab. It is now possible to drop a Tab to a specific position within the Tabs. Further you are now able to use the cursor to move a Tab left to right or up and down depending on the orientation of the Tabs-Component.

  3. We removed the MenuBar and MenuItem from the Palette for now. But in one of the next releases we will add these components again with a better integration. An already existing MenuBar in the UI does not cause to an error in the UI Builder.

  4. We tried to improve the asynchronized borders to the underlying components after zooming the UI Builder. This worked in most of cases but we still working on that.

IDE Plugin upgrades:

  1. We updated the underlying Eclipse version to 2023-12.

  2. We updated several Plugins used by RapidClipse e.g. JavaDeveloperTools, Maven-Integration, Git-Integration.

  3. We did all the necessary improvements on our RC-Tools to work best with all the other updated plugins

  4. We changed the application server of the UI Builder from Tomcat 9 to 10

  5. We upgraded the QuickLaunch functionality "Run Jetty" from Jetty 10 to 12