Patchnotes version 10.2.1

In general the 10.2.0 release has 3 focuses:

  • Get RapidClipse running on MAC an Linux.

    • To enable RapidClipse on Mac and Linux a huge effort were necessary. We had to change one of our core framework in the IDE and the UI Builder. These changes might have impact on many different parts in the IDE. We tested most of them but sometimes smaller bug can still occur. We are working hard to give you the best possible experience working with RapidClipse.

  • Release of the GoogleChart integration

  • Release of the *WebAPI

In Detail:

  • RapidClipse 10.2.1 is now based on the latest Eclipse version 4.14.0.

    1. For further information related to the Eclipse Platform see:

  • New Vaadin version 14.2.21. is now included in RapidClipse

    1. For further information related to Vaadin see

  • RapidClipse 10.2.1 is now available for Mac and Linux. You can get both versions at:

  • The bean validation wasn’t working since update from RapidClipse 4 to RapidClipse X. This has been fixed with the new "BeanValidationBinder". You have to use this "BeanValidationBinder" instead of the regular Vaadin "Binder". In the new version you can choose this "BeanValidationBinder" in the Palette and Drag&Drop it on the ui or choose it directly in the FormWizard dialog.

  • We added our implementation for GoogleCharts.

    1. See Documentation here: Charts

  • We added our Web API

    1. See Documentation here: Web API