A very complex component that can display a lot of information at once.

Using the Grid:

  1. Drag the grid into the GUI builder.

  2. Drag the Entity onto the grid.

  3. In the following dialog, select the properties you want to display in the grid.

  4. To fill the grid now, there are two possibilities:

    1. Properties > Data > Data Provider - If the entity has a @DAO annotation, a select can be chosen, which then fetches the data from the database.

    2. setItems() - In the code the data can also be set via grid.setItems() the data.

Create a renderer:

When you create a renderer, you can display a cell the way you want.

A renderer can be created as follows:

  1. Clicking Properties > Data > Columns.

  2. Click on the Add rendered column button.

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  3. Then click on New…​.

  4. Then click on Finish and Ok.

  5. Then recreate the open renderer.

  6. Then design this renderer the way you want it.

  7. You can then populate the data using the renderComponent() method.