Quick Launch

In the view Quick Launch you will find all preview and deployment variants in one central place.
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Launch options:

  • Run Jetty - Quick start from current project with Jetty without setting up Tomcat, etc.

  • Run Servlet - Starts the current project in a locally set up servlet container or application server, e.g. Tomcat 9. If there is no servlet yet, one can be set in the following dialog.

  • Build *Web App (.war) - Deployed the current project as a web application in development mode. Code changes are live-pushed and the developer environment must be accessible.

  • Build *Web App (.war) - Deployed the current project as a web application in production mode. No live code changes and optimized for production purposes.

Set up Tomcat 9:

Here is a small tutorial on how to set up Tomcat 9 if it is not already present

  1. Click on Run Servlet

  2. Then in Apache → Select Tomcat v9.0 and click Next.
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  3. If Tomcat 9 is not yet installed locally, you can press Download and Install. Then select the parent folder where apache-tomcat-9 should be installed. After a short wait the view will update itself and the Tomcat path will be entered automatically.
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  4. Press Next and Finish. Now Tomcat starts and a new browser window with the application opens after the server has booted.