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Database development

  • JPA & Hibernate - All database development with RapidClipse is based on JPA and Hibernate. Therefore, you should read this short introduction.

  • Example database - Include the Northwind sample database for you to experiment with.

  • Create data source - Create one or more data sources.

  • Entities - How to create entities, have them generated from a database, edit, extend, delete and how to define relations and how to have a database generated completely. One of the most important chapters of this documentation.

  • Database Access (Data Access) - Database queries with JPA-SQL and native SQL strings.

Design graphical user interfaces

  • Basic Technologies - How interfaces created with RapidClipse work. You should understand the principle of operation.

  • UI structure - Difference between UI and View and how the Navigator works. Understanding the principle of operation is essential.

  • Databinding - Link graphical interfaces with entities, read data from the interface and output edited data.

  • Layouts - Just about every interface is based on a layout, which means that the interface automatically adapts to any display size. This chapter is therefore essential.

  • UI-Components - Description of all UI components.

  • Forms (Binder) - All about forms.

  • UI Functions - Learn how to call windows, create master-detail views, store keyboard shortcuts, internationalize and persist the entire interface.

  • Declarative development - Interface development with XML as an alternative to drag and drop.

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