Data Source Explorer

The Data Source Explorer allows you to create and manage any number of data sources in a central location and to integrate them into any project as required.

Open Data Source Explorer

  1. From the menu, select Window > Show View > Other…​.

  2. In and in the following dialog, select Data Management > Data Source Explorer.

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Connect to data source

  1. Double-click the data source you want to connect to.
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[[DataSourceExplorer data manual edit]] == Edit data manually

Data Source Explorer allows you to easily modify the data in your database tables.

  1. Right-click on a table whose data you want to edit, e.g. CUSTOMERS.

  2. In the following context menu, select > Data > Edit.

  3. Right-click a data field and choose > Edit Value in the context menu that appears.

  4. Edit the data field and press the Enter key to apply the change.

  5. Click Save.
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Options (context menu):

  • Revert - Undoes the last change.

  • Refresh - Reloads the data of the selected table.

  • EditValue - Sets the edit mode for the selected data field.

  • Set Null - Assigns the value zero to the selected data field.

  • Insert Row - Adds a new record at the end. Delete Row - Deletes the selected record.

  • Save - Saves the changes to the database table.

Store passwords encrypted

Passwords are usually stored encrypted. To enter encrypted passwords manually into a USER table, you can use a Use online hash generator.