TextField, TextArea, PasswordField, EmailField and NumberField

A TextField can be used to pass a variety of information from the user to the program. Through various validation options, these inputs can also be checked for correctness for the time being.

The TextArea is identical to the TextField, with the small difference that an input over several lines is possible.

The PasswordField displays dots instead of the characters entered to protect the user’s input.

The EmailField is specialized to accept only email addresses.

The NumberField is specialized to accept only numbers.

Important properties:

  • Required - Marks the field as important, which must be filled before the user can submit a form, for example.

  • ClearButtonVisible - This brings up a small box that the user can click on to clear the entire contents of the TextField.

  • Label - If set, a small label appears over the TextField, which can be used to describe the TextField.

  • MaxLength - The maximum number of characters that the user may enter.

  • Pattern - regex pattern which checks user input for correctness.

  • Placeholder - A text which will be displayed in the TextField if there is nothing in the TextField itself.

  • PreventInvalidInput - Blocks further input of characters that are not accepted by the validation.

  • Value - The value that should be in the TextField.