Patchnotes version 11.1.0

The version 11.1.0 of RapidClipse contains some smaller hotfixes and features. Unfortunately we were not able to fix and release all the planned issues because some issues needs a lot more effort than expected. Especially issues regarding the Linux version or issues regarding the maven Vaadin Dev- and Production-build are still work in progress and will be released soon. Further there are a few issues we tried to fix because they feel like a bug in RapidClipse but in fact they are the result of the change to PNPM. But we were able to create some workarounds for these issues which can be found here.

  1. BugFixes:

    1. The theme chooser in the upper right corner of the UI Builder showed only the theme without the different variants of a theme e.g. Lumo(Light and Dark). As a result in the generated code the information about the variant was also missing. This has been fixed. Now the theme and also available variant are chooseable and code will be generated as expected.

    2. After changing the theme the code has to be generated in the right class. For that reason RapidClipse opens a dialog which contains a ComboBox in the past to choose the right class. Unfortunately RapidClipse is not able to provide only valid suggestions of classes. Because of that we decided to add the normal class chooser instead of a ComboBox and let the user choose the right class themselves.

    3. RapidClipse Dialog component

      1. In some situations the borders in the UI Builder were not in sync with the underlying components. This was mostly the case when creating a Dialog UI element. This has been fixed.

      2. Another issue were blinking borders within the Dialog. The reason for that was the property selected tab index which was per default set to 0. This is no longer the case and is set to null. Setting this property leads to an infinite loop in the UI Builder, and we recommend to set this attribute in the Java code.

    4. Sometimes the UI Builder failed with a "jxbrowser-object-closed-exception" this has been fixed.

    5. An issue which occurs after Drag&Drop an entity on the UI Builder to create a form has been fixed. This issue occurs only if there were additional projects in the projectmanager because the lookup for possible form components goes through all projects in the projectmanager. This leads to a NullPointerException and has been fixed.

  2. Features

    1. RapidClipse 11.1.0 is now fully compatible to Java Version 17