Activate cache for "AutoQueryData" and "FindAll

Basically, caching for the two default queries is done via the Persistence.xml is switched on. With the strategies "ENABLE_SELECTIVE" or "DISABLE_SELECTIVE" all caches are switched on or off. Caching can then be enabled or disabled for individual entities.

  1. Open the entity for which you want to change the cache strategy

  2. Switch to the code area of the Entity Editor by selecting the "{} Java"

  3. Insert an empty line after the last annotation

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  4. Now use the code template "Enable QueryCache Single" or "Enable QueryCache Full" from the palette to insert the desired line of code

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  5. Now you can edit the respective ENUMs for the added lines according to your needs.

CashStoreMode Explanation

Name Function Default


Should be used if this application is the only application accessing this data source. Since this strategy does not take into account a record modified by another JDBC data source and the cache is not updated.



This strategy should be used if other applications also write to the same database and the cache needs to be refreshed on read


Reads the data from the cache. However, changes are not synchronized to the cache.