Patchnotes version 10.4.0 #

Version 10.4 of RapidClipse is the first step to improve the performance of RapidClipse in a major way. We removed a lot of unnecessary overhead plugins and deactivated a lot of properties which increases the performance of RapidClipse. These improvements will be finalized with version 11 when we change the behavior of the UI Builder. Furthermore this version is another step towards RapidClipse 11 that gives us the possibility to use Vaadin 15 and higher. Another important part of this release is a proper MAC OS version and we are happy to say we have a MAC OS version again.

Main changes:

  • Updated the used Vaadin version to 14.4.7. See the Vaadin changelog for further information.

  • RapidClipse no longer needs an external JVM on your system. With version 10.4 the IDE brings its own JVM.

  • With version 10.4 we finally have a proper MAC OS version of RapidClipse again.

Performance improvements:

  • We removed the whole JavaEE integration because it is no longer necessary for RapidClipse, this has increased the performance of the IDE significantly.

  • We deactivated all validators by default in the IDE. These validators also have an enormous impact to the performance of the IDE.

  • We increased the Xms and Xmx properties in the Rapidclipse.ini to "-Xms1024m" and "-Xmx4096m". That means RapidClipse will need more RAM on startup in the future.

  • We removed around 300 plugins from the IDE. In some cases it might be necessary to install plugins manually again if needed



  • Now it’s possible to assign your own custom renderer to a column. Especially for primitive datatype it is no longer necessary to use a generated column. This is a great improvement to create more flexible grid columns.


  • XWS-1868 - In some cases the usage of shortcuts within the UI Builder does not work in a proper way e.g.. Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, Ctrl + X. This has been fixed.

  • XWS-1927 - The property of a grid SelectionMode.NONE in combination with a binder generated code which lead to an exception at runtime. This has been fixed.

  • XWS-1922 - The summary of the Accordion component was not displayed properly in the UI Builder. Now it is.

  • XWS-1918 - The synchronization of the Route configuration from code to UI Builder properties does not work properly in some cases. This has been fixed.

  • XWS-1917 - The Version of RapidClipse IDE was not displayed correctly in the Help - About RapidClipse X screen. It will now display correctly.

  • XWS-1915 - A NullPointerException was thrown at runtime when refreshing or closing the Edge-Browser. The reason was a combination of the @Push annotation and RapServlet. This has been fixed.

  • XWS-1914 - In some cases the Flex-Layout was not displayed properly in the UI Builder. This has been improved.

  • XWS-1881 - Refreshing a page with multiple StreamResources caused a steady increase in pool size. We fixed this issue by adding lazy initialization for the EntityManager to the per-request session strategy. This means that the EntityManager is only created on demand, and not on every request made to the server application. This should increase the framework performance over all.

  • XWS-1875 - Sometimes the Check for updates function breaks the content assist. We tried to fix this but this leads to deeper eclipse functionality we are not aware of. Because of this we recommend to use the RapidClipse installer to update instead of using the internal update functionality.

  • XWS-1873 - Opening multiple JPA entities with RC entity editor and moving them side by side results in a loop. This behavior has been fixed.

  • XWS-1872 - In some cases ghosts of deleted entity files remained in the RapidClipse Project Management. This has been fixed.

  • XWS-1871 - Binding of Checkboxes leads to an exception when null representation is set by default. We disabled the null representation by default.

  • XWS-1860 - Adding a component to FormLayout doesn’t always wrap it with a FormItem. This has been fixed.

  • XWS-1859 - Preparing launch delegate…​: Staring virtual machine…​" blocks UI. Could not be improved because the UI Builder need a full build to show a window.

  • XWS-1857 - An issue were a new GUI Element were generated in the wrong package has been fixed.

And a lot of smaller hotfixes which are not worthy enough to list all of them here. For a more detailed list visit:


  • Some of our users reported that the UI Builder no longer opens. Or that the UI Builder displays an error message after trying to open a window. We are aware of this problem but it is not a bug of the IDE it is more a combination of a wrong configuration of the project and the UI Builder. For a better understanding, here is a detailed description: A single window in the UI Builder is an actual started instance of the window or java class. That means when a single window is opened in the UI Builder the whole project is initialized and started as an app in the background. If there is a wrong configuration in the project that prevents the app from starting up due to an exception, the UI Builder won’t start. Some known misconfiguration are:

    • A wrong configuration of the navigation. Duplicate route names, wrong parent layouts and so on.

    • Wrong @Push annotations or a wrong Push configuration

    • Wrong or incompatible framework versions within the pom.xml e.g. using RapidClipse framework version 11 within IDE 10.4

    • Using Vaadin plugins designed for NPM within IDE below version 11

  • If you are facing this issue check your last changes to the project, there might be some misconfiguration in it.

  • Some of our users reported that the Import or Export of entities leads to a ClassCastException within the IDE. The reason is an update of the Hibernate version of the IDE from 5.3 to 5.4. If u facing these exceptions try to change the used Hibernate version in your project. See following steps:

    • Rightclick on the Project → Properties

    • Search for "Hibernate" within the properties and choose "Hibernate settings" → Click on "Details".

    • In the following dialog you can choose the Hibernate version for this project → Choose version 5.4

  • Some of our users reported that they could not start the project. Please check your used RapidClipse framework version in the pom.xml and ensure that the version 10.4 is set. Sometimes version 11 is set and this is not a valid configuration because RapidClipse 10.04.00 project are not yet compatible to RapidClipse 11.00.00 framework.