With the Image component, images located on the server, as well as images from other servers, can be easily displayed in a view.

Display images from own server:

There are two ways how to display images from your own server.

  • Drag and Drop - Images can be easily dragged and dropped into the GUI builder. To do this, you can first add the image under Project Management > main-webapp > frontend.images.

  • With the Src Property - Images can also be selected from the Src property. To do this, simply drag a new Image component from the Palette into the GUI builder. Then click on Properties > Src. In the following dialog you can select all valid images that are on your web server.

Display images from another server:

To view images from another server, you can do the following:

  • First, drag and drop a new image component from the palette into the *GUI builder.

  • Then click on Properties > Src.

  • Now switch to the URL tab.

  • In the following text field you can enter the desired URL to your image e.g. rapidclipse.png (304×201) (

    image not found

Important properties:

  • Alt - text which will be displayed if the image could not be loaded.

  • Src - The image to be displayed