Web & desktop interfaces

In classical software applications, in most cases certain areas of the user interface should remain permanently visible, e.g. a navigation or a status bar, while the individual views of the application can be exchanged. To achieve this behavior, a layout can be created that includes this status bar. Then only the view part is replaced in this layout without affecting the status bar.

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  1. Insert a new RapidClipse project.

  2. Open MainLayout.java and click on Properties > Routing > Route and then click on Image not found to make the layout non-routable.

  3. After that put in the same category Is Router Layout.

  4. Then insert a HorizontalLayout and set Toolbox > Constraints > Width to 100%.

  5. Then set Properties > Object > DefaultVerticalComponentAlignment to CENTER

  6. Then add your desired number of e.g. Buttons or RouterLinks into the HorizontalLayout (Our Statusbar).

  7. Then click Save.

  8. Now create a new GUI element and name it MainView.

  9. Then click on Properties > Routing > Route and then enter a name for the route e.g. home

  10. Then select at Properties > Routing > Parent Layout MainLayout.java

  11. Now add a few components to the MainView.

  12. Click Save.

Now every view that specifies MainLayout as Parent Layout has the same status bar.


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